Top 4 Mobile Analytics Tools

Choosing the best mobile analytics tool for your app out of over a hundred options available must be a challenging task. As we know that mobile apps are being highly competitive by each passing day, to stand out from your competitors its important that you have all the right figures such as the number of downloads, the amount of money earned, recent opinions about the app and so on and these can be measured accurately by using the right mobile analytics tool.

To choose from hundreds, lets now do the mobile application analytics comparison and see which tools are most likely to be valuable and which of it are the best platforms that you might want to use.

Listed below are the top 4 mobile analytics tools;


Firebase: Thousands of apps leak user data - Avira Blog

Firebase is tool is eligible to perform on both android as well as ios platforms. The tool not only focuses on analysing your app but it also provides the infrastructure that is required to build and develop the app. The tool is equipped with multiple features like analytics, hosting, crash reporting. Overall, the tool is fully optimized for the Real-time applications which makes it worthy though being highly priced.


Countly performs on both ios and android platform. The tool is considered to be one of the most powerful ones featuring a slick interface. The unique features of the tool includes open source application which can be hosted on individual servcer, revenue analytics, extensible through the use of plugins with the SDK for over 15 platforms.

Flurry Analytics

Flurry Analytics is one of the most recommended analytics tool to measure the audience reach, engagement, conversion, revenue and so on. Flurry Analytics is freemium tools suited for all types of platforms. It supports multiple apps simultaneously. Also, you can compare the app metrics with the benchmarks for the specific category.


Localystics supports ios, android and the web platform. Apart from tracking the retention metrics and the attribution models across the app, it is best known for its push notification capability. The tool incorporates analytics as well as marketing tools together. Also, monitors the uninstall tracking and offers cloud support.

To conclude, each tool is different from another specifying their unique point, it will be your call to pick the right one for your app as per your preferences. To know more about analytics tool, stay connected to us. Thank you for your time.

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