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Bluehost is a private web hosting firm, created 16 years ago in 2003 by Matt Heaton. Bluehost is owned by the Endurance International Group and is one of the biggest web host firms in the world. Since their inspection, a workforce of more than 750 people have risen. The Blue Host Headquarters is based in Salt Lake City inUtah, USA. It has more than 2 million domains followed by its sister companies ipage, FastDomain and Hostmonster.

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Blue hosting options include WordPress hosting, cloud hosting, WooCommerce hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, collaborative hosting and WordPress hosting, and other forms of hosting and other services. There are various types of databases available, such as MySql, CGI-BIN, PHP, PostgreSQL, perl, rail ruby, etc. Blue host has been working in collaboration with WordPress for more than 10 years. They have delivered their service to consumers at a reasonable cost and with good results.

Why is Bluehost so important?

  • After their inspection, Bluehost has been on the trend and is currently in high demand for more than 3 million websites.
  • They have the best website uptime of 99 per cent. You should demand 100% uptime for services such as VPS, cloud storage, and dedicated hosting.
  • Bluehost has this great deal of regular backups. But there are limitations on backup, because if you really want to do it, you do so with third-party backup tools.
  • You can even reconnect your website to all hosting arrangements.
  • It is much faster and easier to process or develop and construct a website. Even if people are confused about how to create a website, then Bluehost has a customer onboard experience that makes it very transparent and simple, when all the technical words are clarified.
  • Since Bluehost is such a big web hosting company with so many different plans, it helps you to scale your website with the same host provider.
  • Bluehost has always provided their clients with strong service, but if anybody needs to get in touch with some problem, they can be linked by phone or mail or live chat.
  • There are several free website scripts available. Any of them include social networking sites, Joomla, Message boards, Drupal and Tikiwiki.
  • If you want to have the highest performance, you can combine it with the cloud fare and the website can run better.
  • Shared hosting services are much cheaper than other plans, such as cloud hosting and dedicated server hosting. The name itself means that you will be given a general server to host your domains, which will provide access to all of the users. The biggest drawback of cooperative web hosting is that your files cannot be backed up.

Any concerns that you may have to face

  • The customer support staff will get negative feedback.
  • Plans for the best features are a bit more costly than the rivals.
  • Here in Bluehost, they sell unrestricted hosting plans that are capped.
  • There is no free transfer to the website in Bluehost. You currently have to pay $149.99 to move at least 5 websites and 20 email addresses.

Being such a big organization with more than 2 million domains, Bluehost has its own exquisiteness.

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