Myths About Google Analytics, Busted!

Google Analytics, the name itself can seem to be a bit intimidating. Trying to dive into the digital world without a statistics background can be challenging for various small businesses and franchises. To begin with, it’s always best to know the actual truth.

We have been observing certain misconceptions about Google Analytics going around the corners, and that made us decide to take a shot at correcting the most common misconceptions at the earliest to give you a better understanding. So, without any further delay here we are. In this article, we will be discussing the most common myths related to Google Analytics.

Listed below are the 4 myths that have been encountered the most;

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Myth 1 – Google Analytics won’t tell you anything you already don’t know

Running a well-organized campaign is great but do not assume that it would turn out the way you had planned. It’s obvious that every time you run a campaign; the result would always vary from the previous results. Metrics vary from campaign to campaign, the only way to be certain about the campaign results is to measure each of the metrics google analytics

Myth 2- It’s impossible to export your data from Metrics Google Analytics

So not true! You will be having two options to export your data. You can use the “export” button featuring at the top of each report for exporting the current view in XML or PDF or you can use the new Analytics Export API to extract the data in any format, as per your preference. Also, you can share the data by scheduling reports to be delivered directly to the email inbox.

Myth 3- You cannot control your data with Google Analytics

Well, it’s the other way around. You will have three options in Goggle Analytics for data sharing. You can pick one at any point in time from your Analytics account. The options are as follows

  • Do not share the data
  • Share the data anonymously for benchmarking
  • Share the data with Google for improvising its product.

Myth 4- Google Analytics supports third-party cookies only

Untruthful! Google Analytics uses first-party cookies and not third-party ones as they are extremely important because they permit Google Analytics to monitor the repeat visitors to give you in detailed reports about the keywords, referring site, and so on.

What other myths have you come across? Do share it with us so that we could help you in clarifying the same.

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