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There are several different organizations present today that are offering web hosting services. With so many other hosting providers, InMotion is one such organisation that also provides web hosting for its customers. The company was founded in 2001 where the headquarters of this hosting company are located in California and Los Angeles. They have two data centers on the east coast and west of the United States. This hosting is the options by many users as you can get all the required features at reasonable rates. There are several different forms of hosting provided by InMotion, which have been discussed below.

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Shared Hosting – Shared Hosting is the basic and the first choice to select budget hosting. They have 3 types of packages that are launch, Power and Pro. This shared hosting service by InMotion provides unrestricted data upload, email and storage for your website. They also offer Linux based hosting plans where you can get cPanel to handle your website quickly. The main variance between all three hosting plans is focused on MySQL databases and also an unrestricted domain.

VPS Hosting – VPS hosting is also one of the main forms of hosting you can select for more features. With VPS Hosting, you can conveniently enjoy features such as file snapshots, e-commerce optimization, SSH access, optional root access and custom advanced firewall policies that are offered for all types of plans. Both VPS Hosting plans can also be supported through email addresses, domains, blogs, MySQL databases and more. Plans here differ by storage space, RAM, dedicated IP address, bandwidth. VPS hosting prices can get a little expensive, but it’s certainly worth it.

Dedicated Hosting – Dedicated Hosting is primarily developed for users who want all the tools that are required for an enterprise level website. Dedicated is just perfect for those searching for personalised apps, unique security tools and root access to the website. Dedicated hosting also includes a Linux-based server for fast setup. The difference you can see in this hosting is IPs, RAM, disc space, CPU cores, clock speed, and more. Based on the plan, the data transfer and the bandwidth can vary.

Reseller Hosting – Reseller Hosting is another type of hosting provided by InMotion for more interested deals. Reseller Hosting offered three types of plans that you can select according to your specifications. You can start your own company with this hosting and make high profits. The things you can get in this hosting are RAM, Dedicated disc space, bandwidth, and various other resources used for web hosting services. reseller hosting accounts may also provide other security enhancements to ensure sure the site is safe and secure.

These are some of the hosting plans that you can use for your website that can fit best according to your needs. With so many years of experience, InMotion Hosting has come a long way in this sector and is now one of the most popular businesses for the services they provide.

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