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Hostwinds is a U.S.-based web hosting provider that was founded in 2010. The goal of this business is to give and provide all in one experience. This company not only provides hosting services but also offers web site creator links, unrestricted email addresses, free domains and more.

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They have several things to offer their customers, so let’s look at the best features you can enjoy with Hostwinds.

Free SSL Certificate

Any website owner will certainly be searching for full protection on their domain, particularly on an e-commerce site where customers can trust you to provide their information. Luckily, this hosting offers free SSL certs that will help you turn the URL to https. Even, http pages are branded as unsecured by google, which would have a detrimental effect on your future clients and scare them away from your web. If the site is flagged by google, none of the users can trust you to share their personal and sensitive details.

Responsive Customer Service

The outstanding customer support that sets host winds apart from other hosting services is one thing that powers hostwinds. They have a range of ways for connecting such as a phone call, a ticketing system, and live chat. They even have an information base to help you out with the simple method. The live chat option is one of the most preferred choices for almost any person. You can get simple answers to your questions, and you can also get links to your requests for more guidance. You should be confident that they are trustworthy for the best and most attentive customer service.

Free Migration

One of the main features you can get through this web hosting business is that you can get a free migration to your current domain. This contract is delivered free of charge for 60 days. If this contract is not completed for a duration of 60 days, then relocation will cost you a penny. You should buy your chosen hosting plans and switch your site to a certain timeframe, which is assumed to be a reasonable enough time. You don’t have to think about relocation as the host wind engineering team does it efficiently.

Access to Webly Website Builder

One of the things that makes them all part of a common service is that it allows you access to the Webly Website Builder. This will allow you to quickly create and configure your website and host it too. You can also obtain all the domains in one place. You won’t have to hop through to have three to four separate accounts from various providers. It’s certainly a bonus to have access to the website builder as you can quickly configure and create a beautiful website.

This hosting is a fantastic choice for you to select from, as it has a wide variety of resources and options out there for users. They still have strong customization opportunities and a great deal of focus on speed.

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