Best WordPress plugins for the security of your website!

We all know WordPress is the most commonly used as well as much preferred platform for blogging purposes. There are millions of WordPress users across the world who trust only on this blogging platform in order to build string websites. The plugins that we use for our WordPress website determines the success and failure of the site.

 It is also necessary to understand that there are some plugins which influence and impact your websites in a very good manner and makes it even more creative. It is important to understand which all plugins are essential for your website to run effectively. Also, the number of hackers and spammers across the world is increasing day by day and hence it has become even more necessary to safeguard our website with the help of some important WordPress plugins.

Apart from the security uses, these efficient and best WordPress plugins can easily track the number of visitors who visit your website and analyse them. The WordPress plugins will let you know the demographics of your visitors and also let you know how others are able to find your website.

Security of the website must never be compromised. Due to lack of security, the website can be altered as well as vital information can be stolen which can lead to multiple business problems. Below mentioned are some of the best WordPress security plugins which will always protect your website.


This is one of the newest plugins introduced recently. It helps in protecting your website from all the malicious attacks and continuously scans your website to check if its safe and secure. It also reduces the chances of your website being attacked in future or from getting infected by any harmful virus.

The backup technology that is used in Malcare helps to back up each and every bit about your website and you won’t miss out any of your important details that are present in your website. Malcare is an advanced WordPress security plugin which every WordPress user must install now to make their website secure.

Sucuri Security

This WordPress security plugin helps in auditing your website and is also an efficient malware scanner that hardens the security of your website like no one else does. It is absolutely free to install and this plugin has a very positive impact on the security of your website.

It does active auditing, security scanning, integrity monitoring and also blacklist monitoring. It will also give you several notifications regarding the security of your website.

WP Antivirus Site Protection

This WordPress security plugin helps in detecting all the harmful viruses and malicious codes that can harm your website in several ways. Along with that, it can also detect fraudtools, spyware, hidden links and many such suspicious factors that must be taken care of.

This plugin will regularly scan your website and analyses all the files of your website in order to ensure overall security if your site.

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