Best Analytical Tools For Business

Analytical tools have become an important part of every digital marketer. Without the help of data, it is almost impossible to do campaigns, introspect the problems associated and also we can’t even decide on what efforts to be made and where do we need to focus on. The analytical tools will help us in determining the success and failure of the website.

There are many marketing analytical tools that are used these days. Some are free while some need subscription fees and also provide us with various offers. Most of the analytical tools provide us with effective data which can be used for running efficient campaigns and also help us a lot in many ways.

Best Analytical Tools For Business


The AdWords Performance Grader is one of the best analytical tool which is recently used by many marketers and business analysts. In order to ensure the growth of your business, there are various variables which need to be taken into consideration. Initially, it can be difficult to make out exactly which are the right areas that demand more attention. AdWords Performance Grader lends us help in such cases. This will help in evaluating the performance and strength of your Google Account in 60 seconds or so. It will also help in text optimization, mobile optimization and also impression share.


CrazyEgg is another great analytical tool which is being used in the market. As a marketer, we need to understand the audience’s behaviour and also pay attention to your site at the same time. This helps in analysing the behaviour on the sites. CrazyEgg helps in measuring the depth of the website pages. All the information regarding the number of clicks on your site as well as where are those clicks from, will be provided by this tool. This is as crazy as CrazyEgg, isn’t it?


Crowdbooster also gives us insights about audience engagement. There are many marketers who completely rely on Twitter and Facebook, but still they feel that something is lacking somewhere. This is where Crowdbooster will help you. This helps you to analyse your social media campaigns with the help of well designer dashboards. It will also give you details about your fans and followers on the site and also lets you know about who all are really engaged with your contents. This tool will also suggest you on improvising the contents of your site along with scheduling and automation facilities for your site.

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