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Best Analytical Tools For Business

Analytical tools have become an important part of every digital marketer. Without the help of data, it is almost impossible to do campaigns, introspect the problems associated and also we can’t even decide on what efforts to be made and where do we need to focus on. The analytical tools will help us in determining […]

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Top 4 Mobile Analytics Tools

Choosing the best mobile analytics tool for your app out of over a hundred options available must be a challenging task. As we know that mobile apps are being highly competitive by each passing day, to stand out from your competitors its important that you have all the right figures such as the number of […]

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Myths About Google Analytics, Busted!

Google Analytics, the name itself can seem to be a bit intimidating. Trying to dive into the digital world without a statistics background can be challenging for various small businesses and franchises. To begin with, it’s always best to know the actual truth. We have been observing certain misconceptions about Google Analytics going around the […]